• what is microblading?
    • microblading is a form of permanent makeup. we use a tool with a tiny "blade" that consists of about 18 needles. these are then dipped into the ink, and applied onto your brow area to mimic your hair. before we add the strokes, we drawn in the shape to your liking. this process is a very natural looking alternative to the old technique of coloring in the eyebrows with a machine.
  • does it hurt?
    • we use prenumb prior to any strokes made onto your skin to help take the kick off the procedure. every skin accepts the prenumb differently, so there might be some initial pain depending on your skin. we continuously add numbing cream during the process which will help with the pain.
  • how long does it last?
    • depending on how much your skin sheds, your eyebrows could last anywhere from 1.5 years to 2 years. strokes will fade, and touch ups are recommended anywhere from 6 months to a year.
  • am I a good candidate?
    • microblading is not a good option if you have any keloids or raised scars on your brow area.
    • if you have old tattoo that is still pretty dark, microblading would not work. the strokes would be swallowed by the old pigments-- even if its been 5 years.
    • if you have any other concerns or doubts please contact us at alchemylashandbrow@gmail.com. we will answer any further questions!


//eyelash extensions

  • what are eyelash extensions?
    • eyelash extensions are faux mink  'lashes' that are applied to your natural lash (not your skin). we use a glue that is medical grade, and safe for eyelash extensions. eyelashes are applied individually-- one extension to one natural lash.
  • what's the difference between eyelash extensions vs volume eyelash extensions?
    • the volume eyelash extensions are fans of lashes created and applied to your individual lashes. this is for more of a dramatic, fuller look that can't be achieved as well with the regular eyelash extensions.
  • how often do I come in for fills?
    • it is recommended that clients come in every 2-4 weeks to get a refill. if you lose more than 50% of your eyelash extensions, it is considered a new set.