prior to each appointment, we'd like our clients to follow these instructions in order to have a smooth procedure.

//new set of eyelash extensions

  • no mascara, no eyeliner
  • shower prior (you cannot get your lashes wet for 24 hours after the set is applied)
  • initial set could take up to two hours, you're welcome to bring headphones and listen to something and/or take a nice nap!


//eyelash extension refills

  • clean lashes! no makeup! if there are leftover makeup, the lashes will adhere to the makeup, causing them to fall off prematurely
  • same rules that apply to new set, apply to fills



  • no caffeine day of
  • no alcohol day of or night before
  • no blood thinning medication (3 days prior)
  • no retinol (3 days prior)