//classic eyelash extensions | 120 min | $200

single eyelash extensions applied individually to each natural eyelash. the fullness of the eyelash set will depend on how many lashes the client has.


//volume eyelash extensions | 150-180 min | $250

these eyelash extensions are are much lighter, enabling us to apply multiple lashes on each individual natural lash. this will give the client a much more dramatic look. the "falsie" look that lasts longer


//lvl lash lift | 45-60 min | $120

if you already have thick, long natural lashes, you should try out lash lifting service. this is a type of curling method that permanently curls your lashes. the lashes stay curled for the life of your lashes (lasting about 4-6 weeks).


//microblading | 120-150 min | $500

this is a form of semi-permanent makeup. instead of using a machine, we use a tool to manually create "hairstrokes" to mimic hair-like lines. these strokes will create a beautiful, full looking brow lasting anywhere from 1 year to 2 years.


//more services can be found on our online booking website.

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